Reate Knives

David Deng, a knife collector and aficionado for years, founded Reate Knives in China several years ago. Reate had a reputation for producing top-quality blades in Asia and Europe for over a decade. However, it has only been since around 2014 that Reate knives have become hot items for collectors in the United States.

Reate has a reputation for producing quality, durable knives at reasonable prices. Reate also has a unique flipper-style deployment mechanism used in the Reate folding knives.

Reate is proud to advertise the use of the best, high-tech equipment available in the Reate manufacturing process. The company uses wire EDM precision cutting, laser engraving, CNC high-speed engraving and grinding machines, and low temperature, tempering furnaces.

The steel used in Reate blades comes from the U.S., Germany, and Japan. Some of the steels most often used include Damascus, Bohler M390, and S35V.

The handle materials include carbon fiber, titanium 6AL4V, copper, aluminum, and wood.

Reate custom-finishes each piece.

We offer Reate quality knives at affordable prices and always include free domestic shipping.