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2018 Microtech Marfione Halo 6 Knives For Sale

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One word describes the Microtech Halo V, BIG! The largest of the Microtech OTF knives,  the Halo V measures almost 11″ overall (equal to the Makora II). The Halo 5 is a single action automatic unlike the rest of the OTF (out the front) Microtech knives circulating the market that are double action. Like other MT OTF knives, the Halo 5 fires hard, locks up even harder and has very fast action.

Microtech Halo 6 VI OTF Black OTF TE M390 250-1



Microtech is known for quality and precision and that is very evident with the Halo V, where tolerances are of the smallest margins. Over the years the Halo has had various handle colors and blade configurations. The current model for 2014 sees a clip point blade on a black handle. The Halo V comes with a 4.6″ blade which is pretty large but the blade thickness is what is significant, .16 inches.


Microtech Marfione Halo IV Blue Accents/Flame Anodized Mirror Polish M390
Marfione Custom Halo 4


The Halo 5 blade is a stout 4″ in length and has a thickness of .17″. It comes in a single edge blade with a variety of finishes standard to MT such as, Satin, Bead Blast, Stonewash and black. The blade edges are plain, combo or full serrated and typically in a tanto or  drop point style. The Microtech Halo 5 blade has the infamous blade notch on the spine which allows for the firing button to recess in it and keep the blade retracted.

The Halo is not a dual action automatic like the other OTF knives from Microtech so in order to retract the blade you have to depress the firing button and pull back the charging handle (as seen below) to retract the blade. One the handle is pulled back all the way the blade will retract. Then the charging handle can be pressed back in to the handle and ready for fire.

Microtech Marfione Halo V Custom Purple Accents High Polish Tanto



The 6″ (1/2″ thick) handle of the Microtech Halo 5 is a black anodized T6 6061 aluminum with a black charging handle and bead blast hardware. The single action automatic fires via push button located on the front of the handle for very fast action. There is jimping on the sides of the handle for superb grip.

Marfione Custom Halo IV Hand Satin Rubbed

Many of the tactical OTF Microtech knives are coming with the tightest blade to handle ratio in the business. The Halo 5 falls into that category with the blade tip just barely protruding the blades exit point. When Microtech finishes assembly, they grind down the tip of the blade so that is is almost flush with the exit point. I have seen this with a lot of the newer model OTF knives from Microtech and the Halo V is no different.

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New 2018 Microtech Ultratech OTF Knives In Stock

Click Here for Current 2018 Microtech Ultratech Knives in Stock 

Microtech Ultratech knives are back in a big way. The original dual action out the front knife is Microtech Knives first ever OTF knife and with over 50,000 and growing since 1999, you can rest assured it is here to stay.

Microtech Ultratech OD Green OTF DE M390 Black 122-1OD



The slim design of the Microtech Ultratech knife fits well in the pocket and of course there is no denying the double action that MT knives is known for. The Ultratech is an industry leader in OTF knives and since it is light, slim and fully automatic, it makes for the perfect everyday carry switchblade (if it is legal in your state).



The Ultratech features a 5′” black anodized 6061 T6 aluminum handle with double action thumb slide for automatic deployment and retraction. By pressing the thumb slide forward, the blade fires hard and retracts just as hard with the pull of the thumb slide.

Unlike some of the other Microtech OTF knives (Combat Troodon, Halo V, Makora II) , the thumb slide is fairly easy to deploy and retract but after it is “broken in” you will find it gets a even easier. To learn how to operate dual action OTF knives click here or watch the video below.

Ultratech 20th Anniv
20th Anniversary Ultratech

Also on the Ultratech handle are an integrated glass breaker (skull crusher) for breaking glass or bones (if you so choose) and a tip up carry pocket clip which are in a bead blast finish. The sides of the handle are jimped for grip assistance. It is important to note that as with most mechanical things that have internal moving parts there is always the potential for malfunctioning or “break down.” With  automatic knives, that usually resides in the internal spring breaking down or wearing out.


However, in the Microtech OTF Knives lineup, The Spring remains “at rest” while the knife is retracted allowing for the spring to not “wear out” quickly like other OTF knives on the market.

Colored Ultratechs

The Ultratech comes in a variety of anodized colors including blue and red seen below. There is an orange handle coming fall of 2014 which should look sweet.



The Microtech Ultratech blade measures 3.5″ and is made from Elmax steel although MT knives often change blade steels. The Microtech Ultratech blade comes in a variety of finishes and styles including a two tone black/satin as well as satin, bead blast, stonewash and black. Blade styles also come in a double or single edge drop point and tanto. The bayonet grind is a very popular blade style as well as single edge drop points.

For a great in depth Microtech Ultratech Review by Nutnfancy Click Here!



  • Overall Length: 8.4″
  • Blade Length: 3.4″
  • Closed Length: 5″
  • Blade Material: M390 (subject to change)
  • Blade Style: Drop Point, Tanto, Double edge dagger
  • Blade Finish: Satin, bead blast, black, stonewash
  • Blade Edge: Plain, partially serrated, full serrated
  • Handle Material: 6061 T6 aluminum
  • Handle Color: Black, Red, Blue Orange etc..
  • Weight: 3.6 oz
  • Pocket Clip: Right Hand, Tip Down
  • Knife Type: Double-Action OTF Automatic
  • Opener: Thumb Slide
  • Made in USA

To see several Ultratech blade styles, finishes and handle colors check out the video below.


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New Microtech Combat Troodon OTF (Out the Front) Knives

Click Here to Shop our Current 2018 Selection of Microtech Combat Troodon OTF Knives.

OTF (out the front) Tactical knives are a staple of Military and other special forces and when it comes to performance, you need a fast opening hard use knife. Enter the Microtech Combat Troodon (Troh-o-don), a beast of an automatic OTF knife. The Combat Troodon is one of many double action (automatic deploy and retract) OTF’s in the Microtech Knives lineup.

Named after the Troodon Dinosaur, the Combat Troodon is a larger version of Micotech’s flagship knife, the Troodon which is greek for “wounding tooth.” Microtech’s internal “out the front technology” is really a thing of beauty and when you feel the power of this blade shoot out, you can’t help but agree. It fires hard and retracts with great force.

Microtech Combat Troodon Black OTF M390 DE Stonewash 142-10


John Wick 2 Movie

The Combat Troodon made its movie debut in the 2017 action film John Wick 2 starring the great Keanu Reeves. A double edge Combat was used in the film and we expect a John Wick Limited Edition model to hit the market in Summer 2017.

The Combat Troodon is 25% larger (5.75″) than its smaller sibling Troodon (4.25″) and  is listed by Microtech as a close quarter combat OTF knife. While both are a preference of mine, the larger Combat Troodon is definitely a larger ready for action automatic. The Troodon is more pocket friendly for EDC use and easier to conceal.

Microtech Combat Troodon OD Green Double Serrated Black 142-D3OD


The 5.75″ handle is made of anodized aluminum and comes in an array of colors that include black, red, purple as well as camo flavors like urban, tan and green.and an urban camo to name a few.

The aluminum handle contains finger grooves for a better grip and I must admit that even though it is aluminum, it feels more to me like a rubber compound. It is not slick at all. I love the feel of the Combat and the Troodon. The Combat is a beast of an OTF auto but it really feels slim in the hand and not too big.

New for 2017 is a smooth handle on the combat troodon which gives it a another cool look and feel. There will be smooth and grooved handles this year in a mixed bag of options including the white storm trooper model.

The end of the Troodon handle features a good size solid glass breaker for emergency situations. The thumb slide is mounted on the side of the handle not the front like the Benchmade Infidel. When pressing the slide forward to open, it fires extremely hard, which I love. The blade shoots out like a canon and I believe there is not much this knife couldn’t penetrate upon deployment, though I didn’t try.

Double Full Serrated

To close the Microtech Combat Troodon I had to use two thumbs to “auto retract” the blade, thats how hard it locks up. I imagine someone with larger, stronger hands would have no problem disengaging the blade with one hand. It was tough for me but I would guess that gets a little better with time.


The  blade on the Combat Troodon measures 3.8″ and comes in a variety of styles including

  • Double Edge (Dagger)
  • Single Edge (Drop point)
  • Tanto
  • Bowie

The finishes range from black DLC and camo flavors, to the standard Satin, Stonewash, Bead Blast and Apoalyptic (a dark stonewash).

Most of the blades steels on the combats are Elmax. Occasionally there is M390 thrown in but Microtech uses Elmax steel 90% of the time in their knvies.

The blade edges come plain, full serrated (top edge full serrated, bottom edge plain), partially serrated and new for 2017 a double full serrated (see above photo).

Microtech Combat Troodon OD Green Bowie Black DLC 146-1DLCOD
Black DLC Bowie Blade

My Take:

Overall I love this knife and could EDC it however it is a tad big for my pocket preference.  The Combat Troodon could easily handle anything you threw at it and I highly recommend it for those in the Military or looking to add to their OTF tactical knife collection. It makes for a great EDC and raises your coolness factor ten fold 🙂


  • Overall Length: 9.5″
  • Blade Length: 3.8″
  • Closed Length: 5.75″
  • Blade Steel: Elmax
  • Blade Style: Drop point, DE, Tanto, Bowie
  • Handle: Anodized Aluminum: Various Colors
  • Weight: 5.8 oz.
  • Pocket Clip: Right-Left Hand, Tip-Down
  • Opener: OTF Auto, Double Action Manual Thumb slide
  • Made in: USA
  • Buy Now
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New Microtech/Marfione Sigil MK6 Knives For Sale

Click Here for Current Sigil Knives in Stock

They say 2 heads are better than one and who could argue when these 2 custom knife makers get together and make beautiful art. Deryk Munroe of Munroe Knives has a popular knife design called the “Sigil” and it has been all the rage over the last year. The word “Sigil” means “an inscribed or painted symbol considered to have magical power” and trust me, when put your hands on it, you will agree.

Microtech Sigil MK6 Tan DLC SE Part Serrated 196-2DLCTA


What better person to collaborate with than Anthony Marfione of Microtech Knives/Marfione Customs to give it a little Tony Marfione flavor. What you get is one hell of a piece of steel art that is not only a stunner to look at, but will inflict pain when the time calls for it..

Marfione Custom Super Sigil MK6 Mother Of Pearl Inlay M390 Mirror Polish (Copy)


The Marfione Sigil knife is a concept infused with the creative juices of D.C. Munroe. D.C. grew up with an affinity for weaponry which had him creating his first knife in 1984, only to become a full time knife maker by 1997. In the Montana wilderness is where D.C. lets his inspiration take flight. His quality and creativity is top notch so it is no wonder Anthony Marfione decided to partner with Deryk on the Marfione Custom Sigil.

Marfione Custom Super Sigil MK6 Abalone Inlay M390 Mirror Polish


As innovative as the Custom Marfione Box it comes in, the Sigil knife is small, compact, beautiful, ergonomic and lightning fast….right out of the box.



The Marfione Sigil has a 3.5″ blade with a DC Munroe signature thumb cutout. The blades are coming in Marfione show mirror polish, damascus, apocalyptic stonewash, bead blast and stonewash.



The Sigil handle is a work of art milled from stainless Bohler Royalloy that comes in everything from custom engravings such as Dragon Koi, Aliens and Hannya Masks to carbon fiber with copper hardware. If it is exotic and imaginable, then it is coming out of the Marfione Custom Shop.


The backspacer, lockbar and pocket clip are made from titanium and usually have a bead blast finish, although other finishes are prevalent. The pocket clip is a patent pending spring loaded design that is flush with the frame of the handle.


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New Marfione Custom Knives For Sale

If its custom Microtech Knives you are after then you have come to the right place. The Marfione Custom Knives line is produced by the brain child and CEO of Microtech, the one and only Anthony “Tony” Marfione. Microtech Knives was founded by Tony and they have been a force in the knife community for many years now. The custom creations that Tony Marfione come up with will make you ooh and ahh all over the place.

Many of his knives feature high end materials and craftsmanship not found on most blades. High polished and hand rubbed blades are his specialty and you can expect high end hardware or anodizing on each knife created. The Marfione Custom packaging is also top quality.

Microtech Marfione Sigil Munroe
Marfione Packaging


It features a carbon fiber looking case with a soft zippered bag on the inside and the Marfione logo made of solid titanium. The zipper pulls on the bag are also the Marfione dagger logo and a water jet COA metal plate will also accompany the knife with all the details, very high quality.

Microtech Marfione Sigil Munroe
Marfione COA

This page will display many of the Microtech custom knives we will be getting from the Marfione Custom Shop. Here is a list of some of the custom knives you will see coming soon at

Custom Apex Fixed Blade

The latest creation to come out of the Marfione Custom knives shop is another collaboration between Tony and his son Sean called the Apex. The Marfione custom Apex is a fixed blade tactical knife that appeals to collectors and enthusiasts alike. The high quality 3D machined handle is made of carbon fiber and fastened with fitted hardware.

Microtech Marfione Apex Satin Microtech Marfione Apex Satin

What really stands out on this beauty is the compound grind blade that is double edge and made from high quality Elmax steel. The custom blades on this range from Apocalyptic stonewash with satin flats, to a hand rubbed satin finish that looks gorgeous. Once you lay eyes on the Marfione Custom Apex you will have to have it. The sinister looking blade screams badass and the tight tolerances and quality craftsmanship from Tony Marfione is second to none. Overbuilt tactical fixed blade is an understatement. The Apex comes with a carbon fiber looking kydex sheath with BladeTech fasteners for vertical belt carry. Comes with custom Marfione packaging, metal COA, DOB and custom pouch.

Custom UTX-85

The Marfione UTX-85 is an OTF knife that was produced by Microtech many years ago and until now had been discontinued. MT has brought it back and we are stoked! The custom UTX-85 features the same blade length 3″ and handle length, 4.5″ with some obvious Marfione flavor. Hand ground Elmax blades give the 85 some flare. These are all serial numbered knives with hollow ground blades and double edge dagger goodness.

Microtech Marfione UTX 85

The handles are come all black anodized with the Marfione dagger logo on the front while the clip on the back features DOB, dagger logo, serial number and model. Notable upgrades to the Marfione UTX 85 include rounded edges for handling comfort and a redesigned firing slide that is easier to engage. The glass breaker features a ball tip in a triangle center base. This model is definitely a keeper and a much improved design from the old 85.


Marfione utx 85

Custom Anax

The Microtech Marfione Custom  Anax is an integral frame lock folder and Winner of the “Blade Show 2014 Most Innovative Knife of the Year.” This knife is custom produced in a variety of finishes and custom applications by Tony Marfione that include carbon fiber and titanium.

The Marfione Custom Anax has an Elmax blade in everything from black DLC to high polish mirror finish (see below). The handle features various options such as flamed, anodized, copper and black DLC hardware to name a few. The spine of the Custom Anax blade has tritium ampules for glow in the dark goodness should you need to find it in the darkest of situations. The Anax comes with custom Marfione packaging.

Microtech Marfione Anax Stonewash Microtech Marfione Custom Anax Blue


Custom DOC Killswitch (Auto)

A production side opening automatic collaboration with custom knifemaker Mick Strider. Together he and Tony created the D.O.C. (death on contact) in a flipper and automatic version. There are many custom options to the Killswitch that Tony has produced that include hand ground DLC stonewash, titanium and torched hardware.


Marfione Custom Killswitch Automatic DLC Titanium Marfione Custom Killswitch Automatic DLC Titanium

Custom Star Lord

The Marfione Custom Star Lord is the first ever collaboration between Tony Marfione and his son Sean Marfione and it doesn’t disappoint. Overbuilt custom creation is the first thing that comes to mind with this beefy folder that makes the DOC look like a gentlemans folder. The Microtech Custom Starlord features a superior materials, craftsmanship and engineering that make it stand out at first glance. The 3.5″ drop point recurve blade is made from Elmax steel and comes in a variety of finishes including high polish mirror.


Microtech Marfione Custom Starlord

There is functional jimping on the spine and often a two tone effect on the blade. The handle comes in solid titanium and carbon fiber with anodized lock bar often matching hardware and pivot. For a larger blade, this sucker flips like a dream. A must have in your Custom Marfione knife collection.

Marfione Combat Troodon Bronze DLC

Combat Troodon (Auto)

  • A staple in the Microtech Knives lineup, this OTF automatic comes in a variety of colors, blades and finishes. Tony applies custom finishes and polishes to this already beast of an out the front knife. Expect to see some custom Combat Troodons soon at



  • Another Strider Knives collaboration to surface from the brilliant minds of Mick Strider and Tony Marfione. The MSG II, previously a custom concept is going to production in late 2015 and custom applications will also surface on this beauty which is due in early 2016.

Microtech Marfione Closer black DLC

The Closer

  • A collaboration with knifemaker Koji Hara to collaborate on a knife that symbolizes traditional Japanese design with a Marfione twist. Slated for production in late 2015. Custom versions available now.

Microtech Marfione Sigil Hannya Engraved





Anthony Marfione decided to collaborate with Munroe Knives designer D.C. Munroe. This knife features a patent pending spring loaded pocket clip and aesthetic designs that highlight both makers characteristics. Slated for production in late 2015, custom versions available now.

Tachyon III (Balisong)

  • Microtech Knives first Balisong knife introduced in 2000 followed by the Tachyon II in 2012. Redesigned for 2016 the Tachyon III features a 6AL-4V titanium handles and a silicon nitride race bearing system. There are many custom models from the Anthony Marfione Custom Shop including the DLC coated model below.


Microtech Marfione Tachyon Balisong

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New Microtech Custom Anthony Marfione Knives For Sale EKNIVES

Microtech Knives is an American manufacturer of the finest tactical knives based out of Bradford, Pennsylvania. Microtech was founded by Anthony Marfione in 1994 with one simple mission, “To Make The Best Possible Knives.” They are 100% American Made and damn proud of it.

Their automatic OTF line in current production includes the Combat Troodon, Troodon, Ultratech, Halo V, Scarab and Makora II. Blade configurations vary from double edged dagger and single edge drop point to tanto edge. Blade finishes comprise of black, bead blast, stonewash and satin finishes. There are some two-tone finishes as well like the Ultratech Bayonet grind.

Halo V

The Microtech Halo 5  is the largest of the Microtech OTF knives in current production. It has gained size over the years to become a beast at 11″ in overall length. This single action blade measures just over 4.5 inches and currently is running in a single edge (plain and serrated), drop point or tanto, stonewash and bead blast finish.

Halo BB

The Microtech Halo V blade is extremely thick at .17″. The black aluminum handle measures 6″ and features bead blast finished hardware. The recessed push button deploys the larger than life blade with authority.

Combat Troodon

The Microtech Combat Troodon is one of the largest D/A (double action) OTF in the Microtech lineup. This beast of an Out The Front can handle just about anything you throw at it. The black anodized aluminum handle measures 5.75 inches and features a double action thumb slide for one-press deployment and retract.

2 SAM_0384


All hardware on the Combat Troodon is bead-blast finished including glass breaker, thumb slide and pocket clip. The Combat Troodon blade measures 3.8 inches and comes in a variety of finishes (satin, stonewash, bead blast,  black) and edges (D/E, S/E drop point and tanto) including plain, partially serrated and combo blades. Blade steel varies from S30V to Elmax and ATS-34, depending on MT’s flavor of the month.


The Microtech Troodon is the smaller sibling of the Combat Troodon (named after the Troodon Dinosaur) has a handle that measures 4.25″ and is made of black aluminum.  The Microtech Troodon blade comes in at 3″ and comes in a variety of blades finishes, colors and styles, equal to the Combat Troodon. It is basically the same knife at 2/3 the size. In my opinion it is the perfect size to EDC.

Troodon blk serrated Troodon satin combo







Blade steels for the Troodon also vary and depend on the Microtech flavor of choice. People often ask which is better to carry the Combat or Troodon and I say hands down the Troodon. It fits well in the pocket and is not too bulky. The Combat is really big and when it is in your pocket you definitely know it. Not so with the Troodon.


The Microtech Scarab  comes in a few varieties including the Executive and QD Scarab. The Executive model is an updated version of the original Scarab minus the grip tape inserts in the handle. This Limited Edition run is a one time only production and features a smooth handle. Microtech has plans to eliminate this model after it’s current production. The Scarab Executive is a double action OTF with a single edge Elmax steel blade in several finishes (black, stonewash, satin) and edges.

microtech qd scarab automatic knife
MT QD Scarab
Microtech Scarab Executive otf automatic
MT Scarab Executive

The Microtech Scarab QD (quick deployment) is a more rugged version with grip tape inlay for excellent grip and a more tactical presence that rivals the Navy Seals Scarab. Port holes are present on the ends of the handle to allow for water drainage in underwater operation.

The Scarab Executive from has a 4.5″ black aluminum handle with double action slide switch, glass breaker and bead blast finished hardware. The Scarab Beetle is visible on the pocket clip. The Executive blade is a 3.5″ drop point with grooves on the top and sides.


Microtech Ultratech Knives is the otf knife that started it all for the Microtech Knives. This bad boy is a double action auto with a plethora of blade finishes and styles including the popular Bayonet which comes in a two tone black/satin finish that is absolutely beautiful. The Microtech Ultratech blade measures 3.4″ and comes in several blade styles for you to choose from. The Ultratech has a 5″ black aluminum handle with pocket clip, slide switch and glass breaker.

microtech ultratech blue otf automatic knife Ultratech Tanto blk










The Microtech UTX-70 is the smaller relative in the OTF family. At just over 3 inches long, the handle is made from aluminum with a double action slide switch like its bigger siblings. The blade measures just 2.5″ and also comes in a California legal version as well. Blade styles are dagger, drop point and colors are the norm for a Microtech auto.

Microtech manufactures some of the finest tactical knives, automatic knives, butterfly knives and fixed blades on the market with extreme attention to detail. OTF automatics like the Combat Troodon and its smaller sibling the Troodon are made with the thinnest of tolerances.

Microtech Knives has received numerous awards and most recently won the 2013 Blade Show award for “Best Collaboration of the Year” and “Innovative Knife of the Year” for the Microtech D.O.C. Killswitch. A collaboration between Anthony Marfione and Mick Strider.

D.O.C Killswitch

Killswitch Auto

The Microtech DOC Killswitch is an auto version of the DOC (death on contact) a collaboration between Mick Strider and Anthony Marfione. Click Here  to purchase your Killswitch!

Here is the current production models for Microtech Knives in our stock rotation:

  • Makora II – OTF auto D/A
  • Combat Troodon – OTF auto D/A
  • Troodon – OTF auto D/A
  • Scarab Executive – OTF Auto D/A
  • QD Scarab – OTF Auto D/A
  • Navy Scarab – OTF Auto D/A
  • UTX 70 – OTF auto D/A
  • UTX 85 – OTF Auto D/A
  • Ultratech – OTF auto D/A
  • Halo V – OTF auto (single action)
  • D.O.C. Killswitch – OTS Auto
  • Socom Delta – Tactical Folder

To Check out our selection of in stock Microtech Knives,  Shop Now!

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Microtech Scarab QD OTF Knives For Sale

Email me for Special Pricing on these QD Scarabs

          Microtech Knives are no stranger to out the front autos so it comes as no surprise that the Microtech Scarab knife is another in a long list for Microtech.  The Microtech Scarab comes in an executive, QD (quick deployment) and Navy Seal model. All are double action OTF automatic tactical knives that comes in a variety of blade styles and finishes. This no nonsense, tough as nails, out the front auto is a beast among OTF knives.

          Microtech Scarab Executive S/E Black Plain 176-1

          The Microtech Scarab Executive has a  3.5″ single edge drop point blade and the finishes are coming in bead blast, satin, stonewash and black. Blade steels often vary with MT but this run is coming in an Elmax powdered steel. The blade has grooves on the top and side of the blade.

          One of the most impressive aspects of the Scarab Executive is the attention to detail and tight tolerances.

          Microtech Scarab Executive S/E Black Plain 176-1
          Scarab Executive 176-1

          The handle on the Microtech Scarab Executive automatic knife is made from black 6061 T-6 aluminum with jimping on both edges of the handle for grip. There are also ports on the current run in the bottom of the handle.

          The handle on the QD Scarab has grip tape inlay to give it a rough textured feeling for excellent grip.

          Microtech Scarab QD satin plain 178-4 QD Scarab back









          Unlike the regular Microtech Scarab, the Executive has a smooth front and back handle, where the standard Scarab has Grip tape inserts. The bead blast finish pocket clip features the scarab beetle and on the end is a bead blast glass breaker..

          The Executive Scarab double action thumb slide deploys and retracts the blade with one press. To open, simply press the slide forward and the blade fires. To close, pull the slide back and it will auto retract. The slide is bead blast finished to match the rest of the hardware on the Scarab.

          Grooves on the side of the handle allow for grip to counteract the smooth front and back handles. If your not a fan of the grip tape inserts on the traditional Scarab then you will love this Executive. This is one of my favorite Microtech OTF knives.

          Microtech Scarab Executive otf autmatic s/e stonewash plain 176-10

          The Microtech Scarab Executive is an extremely solid Out the Front automatic that would be a nice addition to any EDC lineup. It fires hard and retracts just as fast. I will say if you have small hands then you may have trouble getting it retracted. I have trouble pulling back on the thumb slide with one finger. Deployment is easy but retraction can be hard for smaller handed people. I would guess over time that will become easier however.

          Microtech Scarab Executive otf autmatic s/e stonewash plain 176-10

          To see our Microtech Automatic Knives in stock Click Here!

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          Microtech Makora II OTF Knives In Stock

          The Makora is currently out of production but we scored this satin double edge model direct from MT. It is brand new and was the last remaining piece of inventory. 

            The Limited Edition Microtech Makora II Brut has arrived. This bronzed out OTF knife is a beauty and a must have for any Microholic! The blade is a double edge bronze apocalyptic stonewash finish. The handle is aluminum with bronze bubble stainless inlay. All hardware is bronzed as well for a nice finish.

            Named after the Makora ant, a species native to Japan with a hell of a sting, the Microtech Makora II is one of the longest OTF knives on the market. The Microtech Makora 2 is essentially an Ultratech on growth hormone! The Halo V (Halo is single action) is the largest production knife on the market at 10.5″ overall. The Makora is a tick smaller and resembles the Ultratech with its sleek slim design and elongated handle.

            Makora 2

            The Microtech Makora II handle measures just under 6″ in length and is comprised of a 6061 T6 aluminum body with Carbon Fiber inlays. The edges of the handle have jimping for excellent grip and attached are a pocket clip and glass breaker (skull crusher) in a bead blast finish as well as the tri wing screws in the handle. The double action stepped thumb slide is located on the side of the handle for one press deployment and retraction.

            The pocket clip comes stamped with a serial number, ant logo and date of manufacture (as seen below).

            Makora 2 closed


            The Microtech Makora II automatic blade measures 4.45″ and is a double edge dagger style blade. This particular run is made from S35-VN and black DLC coated for durability and strength.  The Makora 2 blade is very slender in width but matches well with the slim design of the Makora handle making it appear a little larger and well balanced. The blade tip on the Makora II is one of the sharpest you will ever see in a dagger style blade.

            microtech makora 2 otf double action automatic knife

            It should be noted that as with many of the Microtech OTF knives, the blade tip will often break the plan of the extraction point by a millimeter and is the result of the sharpening process which is ground down after install. Most of the time it is very minute and can be remedied by a single sharpening.


            • Overall Length: 10.5″
            • Blade Length: 4.45″
            • Blade Style: Double Edge Dagger
            • Blade Grind: Flat
            • Blade Finish: Black, Stonewash, Satin, Bead Blast
            • Handle Material: Aluminum, Carbon Fiber
            • Weight: 4.3 oz.
            • Pocket Clip: Right Hand, Tip-Down
            • Knife Type: Double-Action OTF 
            • Opener: Thumb Slide
            • Made in: USA



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            Microtech Troodon OTF Knives For Sale In Stock

            Click Here Current Microtech Troodon Knives In Stock

            The Microtech Troodon, pronounced (Troh-uh-Don) is named after the Troodon Dinosaur and is the flagship OTF (out the front) automatic for Microtech Knives. It is in my opinion the perfect EDC carry knife because of its slim design and lightweight feel, just 3 ounces. The double action thumb slide is easier to operate than the larger siblings like the Combat Troodon, Scarab and Makora knives for those like myself who have smaller hands.

            microtech troodon otf automatic knife


            The Microtech Troodon handle is made from 6061 T6 Aircraft aluminum and measures 4.25″. This double action (automatic deploy and retract) out the front automatic knife opens via thumb slide on the side of the handle. Simply push the slide upward and the blade fires hard and fast. To retract pull back on the thumb slide and watch the blade disappear as fast as it appeared. The thumb slide is bead blast finished and  grooved/stepped for easy feel and touch.

            microtech troodon otf automatic satin plain

            The blade on the Troodon automatic OTF knife is 3″ long and comes in various styles and steels. The latest run has been D2 steel and will come in everything from a double edged dagger blade to a single edge tanto or drop point style blade. Bead blast, satin, black stonewash finishes are available. The blade edges come full serrated or partially serrated and standard.

            microtech troodon otf automatic knife

            Microtech uses a spring that remains “at rest” when not in use to prevent and slow down wear and tear on the internal spring unlike most automatic otf knives. Longevity is key with Microtech knives and they want to ensure you have no issues your auto.

            microtech troodon otf automatic knife

            The jimping in the handle make it very easy to grip and it is almost non existent in the pocket which I love. The Troodon is grooved on the front, back and sides of the handle so no matter how you grip it, you will have no slipping issues. In my opinion the Combat Troodon, while very robust and an excellent OTF is a little too big to carry. The Troodon features a glass breaker (skull crusher and pocket clip and all hardware is bead blast finished for a durable clean look.



            • Overall Length: 7.6″
            • Closed Length: 4.2″
            • Blade Length: 3.0″
            • Blade Material: (steels vary)
            • Blade Styles: Dagger, drop point, tanto
            • Blade Edge: Plain, partially serrated, full serrated
            • Handle Material: Aluminum (black, purple, red, other colors available)
            • Opener: Automatic OTF, Thumb Slide (double action)
            • Weight: 3 oz
            • Pocket Clip: Right Hand, Tip-Down
            • Glass Breaker
            • Made In USA 
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            Knife Fighting with Custom Survival Knives: Four Things to Keep in Mind


            You can hunt, eat and craft with a knife, making it a valuable tool. In some cases, a blade also becomes a ferocious weapon. To avoid a potentially dangerous situation, you may have considered using a custom survival knife as a defensive weapon or as part of your martial arts arsenal.

            There are several other factors to consider when knife fighting with custom knives.  

            1. Self-Defense Basics

            Do your research and learn basic self-defense concepts and techniques from a qualified instructor. Self-defense knowledge is essential, especially in a situation where the attacker is wielding a weapon. Even if you don’t take a class, there are a few simple things you can do if approached by an attacker handling a knife.   

            In keeping with the adage that the best defense is a good offense, one of the best ways to defend yourself against an attacker with a knife is to get a grip on the hand and arm using the knife.

            There are many different ways to achieve this. One is to put your opponent momentarily on the defense to throw him off and get hold of the knife-wielding arm in order to subdue him.

            Another is a quick strike to the body of your opponent to injure or distract him. This should be followed by a quick transition to get hold of or lock the knife-wielding limb. After this, your aim may be to use the knife to stab the opponent while they are still holding it.

            Finally, you can also try to joint lock the opponent so that they have no other option than to drop the knife. This can be easily achieved through a simple joint lock or by slamming their hand on a hard surface.

            2. The Importance of Proper Training

            Kapap instructor demonstrates martial arts self defense disarming technique

            Knives are dangerous weapons, and they are non-discerning. Using improper skill and technique with a knife can lead to injuries for the wielder rather than his attacker. Multifaceted knife styles such as custom balisong knives, for instance, require expert handling to prevent unwanted injuries.

            If you are considering adding knife work to your skill set, thoroughly discuss this with your martial arts or self-defense instructor. They will likely recommend a course of training based on the skills you already have. You will learn target areas of the body, movement, angles of attack and grip and stance, as well as how to wear your knife. The sessions should include sparring rounds that simulate real combat.

            3. Martial Arts Fighting Styles

            There are a variety of martial arts knife fighting styles you can pursue. A good example is Filipino Martial Arts. Three major forms of fighting fall under FMA: Kali, Escrima, and Arnis. Each incorporates the use of sticks, swords, hands and knives as weapons.

            FMA has recently increased in popularity because of the excellent fight choreography of notables like Dan Inosanto and his popular students, including Bruce Lee and the fight choreographer Jeff Imada.

            Other styles of martial arts knife fighting include the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, which focuses on hand-to-hand and close quarter fighting. Pencak Silat uses postures, stances and footwork to take on multiple attackers, and Systema Spetsnaz is the technique used by the Russian Special Forces that focuses on breathing, movement and body position.

            4. Knife Designs

            Custom survival knives are available in a wide variety of specifications, and each one serves a unique purpose. They are durable defense and attack tools that are designed for tactical situations. Owning and being able to properly use a combat knife can mean the difference between life and death.

            • Self Defense

            The Balisong Knife, also popularly known as the butterfly knife, is an excellent choice for individuals who are looking to purchase a knife for self-defense.

            Butterfly knives originated in the Philippines around 800 A.D. as a martial arts tool. They have the strongest locking mechanism of any knife due to their duel handle design. The handles rotate around the tang and conceal the blade when it is closed.

            • Silat
            Emerson Knives Combat Karambit Flipper Knife

            The most-used blade in Silat-style fighting is a Karambit knife. A Karambit is a small, curved knife that is similar to the shape of a tiger’s claw. It is almost impossible to disarm an attacker who wields this style of knife.

            Individuals who practice the Silat style also use the Keris or Kris knife. A Keris has a distinct, wavy blade that is almost serpentine. It is used as a ceremonial knife and worn by the groom at his wedding, and one knife is often passed down through many generations.The serpentine blade of the Keris knife acts like a serrated knife by offering a cutting surface that inflicts a devastating slice to an opponent.

            Whatever knife you choose is best for you, keep these aspects in mind to be prepared for any self-defense situation.

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            Good as New: Six Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for OTF Knives

            Microtech UTX-85 OTF DE Black Tactical

            An out-the-front or OTF knife is a switchblade that exposes and conceals its blade through an opening at the end of the handle. It is also known as a sliding knife or a telescoping knife.

            This popular switchblade has been around since 1860 and is ideal for tight spaces because the blade deploys straight out the front.

            Why Do OTF Knives Require Constant Care?

            Due to the mechanism that makes the blade spring forward, OTF knives take quite a beating, and some users idly fire and retract their OTF knives even when there is no need for it.

            This overuse, coupled with the fact they are often carried for of their portability, makes them susceptible to damage from exposure to dust and dirt, which affect the knife’s mechanism.

            All these factors can affect the spring mechanism of your OTF knife and cause it to misfire or not fire at all.

            In emergencies, every second counts. If your blade does not discharge when you need it to, it can mean the difference between life and death.

            This is what makes constant maintenance of your double-action OTF knife crucial for increasing its lifespan and maximizing its functionality.

            1. Know When to Clean

            Even though it is better to clean and maintain a knife every time it is used, the following signs are a good indication your knife requires maintenance:

            • The knife begins to misfire when charged
            • The mechanism of the knife starts to feel strange, sticky or unnatural
            • The knife does not discharge or retract as quickly as desired
            • Residue buildup is clogging the opening

            2. Make It a Habit

            For optimum performance, develop a habit of cleaning the blade of your knife immediately after you use it. A light rinse with tap water to remove any possible residue and a thorough drying will ensure your double-action OTF knife remains clear of rust and residual buildup.

            3. Get the Tools You Need

            Nine piece precision screwdriver set

            Even with a good maintenance routine, OTF knives should be thoroughly cleaned every month or two, depending on how often it is used.

            To thoroughly clean an OTF knife, you will need a few tools and materials. Firstly, a good quality knife lubricant will ensure the spring mechanism does not stick. WD-40 is a perfect choice.

            You will also need a precision screwdriver and a soft rag for cleaning. The screwdriver is for disassembling the knife, and the type you need will depend on your knife model. The soft rag removes dirt without affecting the integrity of the metal.

            4. Learn How to Clean Properly

            OTF knives come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the following maintenance tips apply across the board.

            Step 1: Discharge the Blade

            Discharge the blade of your knife and lay it on a flat, steady surface such as a large book, wooden cutting board or cardboard.

            Step 2: Unscrew and Disassemble the Knife

            Using a precision screwdriver, unscrew and remove the top plate of your knife. Keep the screws where you can easily find them or in a zipper storage bag.

            After removing the top cover, remove the inside components, including the metal plate and spring. Carefully note the proper arrangement of the parts or take a picture to guide you during reassembly. Next, remove the already loose blade by lifting the rear hinge.

            Step 3: Clean the Components

            With the aid of the soft rag, carefully clean the components of the knife, removing any dirt, residue, lint or crumbs. Wipe the blade carefully and use a rag that will not leave fibers behind.

            Step 4: Lubricate the Spring Mechanism and Inner Handle

            Apply a small amount of lubricant on the spring mechanism and inner blade and wipe up any excess with the rag.

            man using whetstone to sharpen his pocket knife

            Step 5: Don’t Skimp on Reassembly

            Reassemble your knife carefully and return every component to its original position using your notes or photo from the disassembly step.

            5. Proper Storage is Key

            It is preferable to keep OTF knives closed and stored away where moisture and dust will not get to them. This prevents rusting or clogging. If you carry your OTF knife with you daily, it is best to keep it in a holster that keeps it from collecting residue and clean it more often than you would a blade that remains in storage.

            Cleaning and maintaining an OTF knife are as important as owning one. A clean and well-maintained OTF is a reliable and highly functional tool.

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            Behind the Design: The Emerson Karambit Knife

            The greatest weapons are those that have stood the test of time, evolving through the years but still retaining their basic characteristics. The Karambit knife is one of these.

            Originating in ancient Indonesia hundreds of years ago, this knife has been valued for centuries for uses as diverse and varied as farming and fighting. Although in the past the knife could only be found in Asia, it is now used throughout the world by trained martial artists in hand-to-hand combat.

            Origins and Use

            The knife’s agricultural origins are fascinating. It is believed the knife was initially constructed during the 11th century in Indonesia and then spread throughout southeast Asia. The curved nature of the knife seems to be modeled after the claw of a tiger, the shape of which makes it excellent at raking and jaggedly tearing. The knife was initially used by rice farmers who wielded it to uproot and cut weeds and other plants. It became a weapon when rice farmers needed to defend themselves against invaders.

            Over the years the structure of the knife has been refined. While the blade was originally rougher and the appearance of the knife less sophisticated, now the Karambit is an impressive combination of style and modern technology.

            The lethal capabilities of the Karambit proved quite effective, and numerous Asian cultures adopted the weapon as a tool for warfare. The blade was often coated in powerful, poisonous toxins, making the deep, ragged cuts even more deadly. The hooked nature of the knife made it harder to dislodge from a fighter’s hand, making it a preferential tool for self-defense. Asian women even used to tie the knife into their hair, hiding it well and then using it deftly against attackers.

            man with a karambit knife

            How the Karambit Knife is Used Today

            Today, the knife is used in different forms of martial arts, including Filipino Kali and Indonesian Pencak Silat. Fighters who skillfully use the Karambit are often called players. These players train extensively with the weapon to use it deftly and to best advantage.

            The design of the Karambit knife is both aesthetically pleasing and practically useful. The knife has a curved blade that is effective in martial arts because it enables the fighter to capture an opponent’s limb, put pressure on it and then lacerate it. Given the weapon’s small size and curvature, it is easy to conceal and can successfully be a tool that catches an attacker unaware and makes him quickly regret his advances.

            Unlike other more symmetrical blades, the curved, asymmetrical nature of the Karambit makes the wounds it creates more brutal and shocking.

            Emerson Modifies the Design of the Karambit Knife

            Emerson Knives has added its own design changes to create a unique version of this great blade.

            • Features

            The Emerson Karambit features the company’s own unique patented wave-shaped opening. This enables the user to carry the weapon without injury, flick open the blade with one hand and then attack the unsuspecting antagonist.

            Combined with Emerson’s classic, lightweight construction — the Emerson Karambit knife weighs only 3.6 ounces — and ergonomic grip, these features make the Emerson Karambit Knife a must-have for users and collectors of extraordinary blades.

            • Aesthetics

            Additionally, the Emerson knife is aesthetically pleasing while still boasting a functional design. The 2.6-inch blade is black with a silver edge, and the 4.15-inch handle is both black and silver. On the back of the handle, there is a pocket clip, providing a practical way to hook the knife to one’s clothing and enable better concealment of the weapon. The classy combination of colors on the weapon gives off a sophisticated, sinister appearance while simultaneously showcasing the impressive technology involved in the construction of the weapon, with a pocket clip, folding capability and thumb hole.

            Karambit Laws

            The intimidating Emerson Karambit knife is regulated at the state level, so laws regarding its use vary from state to state. Often the legality of a knife depends on its blade length and the age of the carrier. It is best to check with your state’s laws to see what its individual rules are regarding Karambit knives.

            Emerson Knives Combat Karambit BT Knife

            The Emerson Effect

            Emerson Knives have taken a remarkable, ancient weapon and made it even more effective. The design of the Emerson Karambit has been crafted in such a way that makes the user able to conceal the weapon safely, throw it open deftly, hang on to it throughout the fight and deliver shocking, deadly wounds to an opponent.

            Without a doubt, this knife is an expert tool that demands an individual’s attention, enthralling them with its smooth, functional appearance and its powerful, damaging potential.

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            Nine Prominent Custom Knife Makers and Their Most Iconic Knives

            prominent custom knife makers

            The world of custom knives can be challenging to navigate. Deciding what role you want a custom knife to play in your life is essential. Do you want an heirloom place that can be handed down through generations, or are you looking to start a collection?

            Becoming familiar with custom knife makers is a great place to start either your quest for an heirloom piece or your collection of impressive pieces. Continue reading Nine Prominent Custom Knife Makers and Their Most Iconic Knives

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            Reate Knives Manufacturing Process: An In-Depth Look

            Reate Knives is a relatively new knife manufacturer, specializing in flipper knives. They are well-known and respected among knife aficionados and collectors. Founder David Deng — a knife collector and aficionado himself — has a background in mechanical design and manufacturing and has made clear-cut design a priority when creating his knives. This driving philosophy has made Reate a much sought-after brand in Asia, Europe and the United States. Continue reading Reate Knives Manufacturing Process: An In-Depth Look

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            Behind the Design: The Microtrech Jagdkommando Tri-Dagger Knife

            Fixed-blade, non-folding knives are available for a variety of applications. Their innate strength and durability make them an excellent choice for self-defense as well as utilities such as hunting and camping. Thousands of fixed-blade knives exist, but among them one style really stands out from the rest. The tri-dagger knife is as alluring as it is useful — perfect for collectors or styled self-defense. Continue reading Behind the Design: The Microtrech Jagdkommando Tri-Dagger Knife

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            Single-Action vs. Double-Action OTF Knives: What’s the Difference?

            Automatic knife

            Out-the-front (OTF) knives are very popular, and it isn’t hard to see why. The retractable blade means the knife is safe to carry around when the blade is concealed, and the click of the blade being released is unquestionably satisfying. Continue reading Single-Action vs. Double-Action OTF Knives: What’s the Difference?