Layaway Purchases are Non-Refundable!

Layaway Plan 

EKNIVES is now offering Layaway on select higher priced items (typically $500 or more). There is no fee for this service. The only fee involved with layaway is if you cancel the order during the layaway process, see “cancellation fee” below. Layaway Purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE!

Customers will have 60 days from the day they place their order to pay their order off in it’s entirety. All orders will be setup in 3 payments (20% initial pmt, 40% 2nd, 40% final). The first payment is made when the order is placed. The second payment is made 30 days after order is placed. The final payment is made 60 days after order is placed.

You will get a reminder email that your pmt is coming up and we will automatically charge the card you used when you placed the order unless otherwise specified by you. (If you choose to make a payment ahead of the due date just contact us and let us know. (423.525.9477 call/text or

How it Works

Easy! Customers will have the option to make 3 installments for the total amount of their order. If your initial payment is a credit card, we will automatically process the 2nd and 3rd payments at the appropriate time (30 & 60 days later) using the same credit card information you used the first time. Please mark your calendars in accordance to the agreed upon payment schedule. If the payment due date falls on a weekend it will be processed the next business day.

EKNIVES cannot be responsible for any overdraft fees associated with your payment plan’s payment schedule. So please be sure you have picked the knife you really want and that you are able to make the payments in the specified time frame.

If you wish to use a different form of payment on the future payments or make a pmt early then contact us (423.525.9477 call/text or to get that setup.  You will be reminded via email that a payment is due.

There is no penalty for early payoff!

  • First Pmt – 20% Due with initial order
  • Second Pmt – 40% Due 30 days later
  • Final Pmt – 40% Due 60 days after initial order pmt

Example 1: You purchase a Custom Knife $1200 and you live in Tennessee (Tax $111) and you choose the layaway option, your total purchase would be $1311 and here is how it would be paid.

  • Initial Pmt: $240 (20% of purchase price + $111 Tax) = $351
  • Second Pmt: $480 (40% of the purchase price)
  • Final Pmt: $480 (40% of the purchase price)

Example 2: You purchase a $500 knife and you live in Georgia and you choose the layaway option then your total would be $400 and here is how it would be broken into payments:

  • Initial Pmt: $100 (20% of purchase price)
  • Second Pmt: $200 (40% of the purchase price)
  • Final Pmt: $200 (40% of the purchase price)

Payments Options

  • Payments are made by Credit Card (Visa, Amex, Discover, Master Card) Cashiers Check, Money Order, Personal Check, Paypal (can choose that option at checkout). If you want to use a check or money order you must contact us first.
  • You will receive an email when a payment is due. If a credit card was used we will automatically charge the same card for future payments unless we hear from you first. If you wish to use a different card or payment method then contact us prior to additional payments.
  • For payments made other than credit card, payment must be received within seven (7) days of the due date or the order is subject to cancellation.  You will receive a reminder via email that a payment is due.

Early Payoff

If you wish to pay off your purchase early and have it shipped sooner than the full term then you may contact us at any time to have it completed and shipped out. There is no penalty for early payoff.

Cancellation Fee 

If a layaway order is cancelled at any time after initial pmt is made then there is a 10% cancellation/restock fee to cover lost processing charges and time. The 10% is based on the total paid at the time of cancellation. So if you have paid $800 toward a purchase and wish to cancel the order, then a fee of $80 (10% of $800 = $80) would be taken out of your refund prior to the refund being issued. We are sorry but there is no room for negotiation on this cancellation fee.


There is no charge for shipping and we do insure all orders. Signature will be required on all layaway shipments unless otherwise specified by you the buyer.

Please Note that your item will NOT ship until the final payment is made


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