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First of all Thank You for visiting EKNIVES! We has been a family-owned and operated business since 2011. We stock some of the finest brands in the world, including Microtech, Emerson, KEYBAR, ProTech, Reate, Jake Hoback and Zero Tolerance knives to name few. We also have an extensive collection of beautifully crafted custom knives for sale at any given time from makers like Anthony Marfione, Sebastijan Berenji (Borka Blades), Kirby Lambert, Ramon Chavez, RJ Martin, Mick Strider, Tashi Bharucha, Jeremy Marsh, and Ed Cope to name a few. Other custom knives include blades by Liong Mah, John W Smith, Jonathan Mcnees, Scorpion 6 and DSK Tactical.

We offer quality knives of diverse types, colors, sizes, and shapes, including auto knives, flippers, OTF, and survival and tactical blades for the complete novice to knife aficionados. The Marfione Custom offerings include Combat Troodon, Cypher, Matrix, MSG, SBK, Sigil, Socom Elite, Stitch, and Warhound Folder. Our Combat Troodon selection includes the Hellhound, Warhound, and Interceptor. In addition to Microtech Custom knives, you will find Ultratech, Combat Troodon, Hellhound, Knucks, LUDT, Socom Alpha, Siphon, Stitch, UTX-85, Star Wars theme knives, Sigil, and Tachyon III. Under Ultratech, you can find single and double edge tantos, bayonets, the Hellhound, and the Spartan.

In addition to knives, we have a variety of accessories and apparel to suit every need and taste. We understand there are many reasons why you may want a quality knife, such as competitive prices, broad selection, and exceptional customer service. We pride ourselves on providing you with a great shopping experience. Our clearance and sales items give you an opportunity to obtain quality blades and other knife-related accessories at substantially discounted prices. We also offer layaway for select items—usually $500 or more. You have 60 days from the date you place your order to complete the purchase, which is paid in three easy installments. Free shipping is provided for all domestic orders. We use USPS and UPS domestically and DHL Express International for foreign shipments.