ExtremAddiction (Sergey Rogovets)

Sergey Rogovets, born in Moscow, worked for many years as a jeweler in his father’s store in New York City. In his free time, he began customizing Zippo lighters and leather wallets. Eventually, however, his passion for perfection and love of knives drew him into the custom knife world.

His reputation for detail and craftsmanship spread quickly, and he has become one of the best-known makers of quality custom knives in the country.

He has successfully translated his over 20 years of success in designing quality, old-world style jewelry pieces into creating excellent-quality knife blades.

Sergey has become best known for creating visually pleasing yet extremely durable and functional pieces.

Sergey Rogovets knives are all handcrafted. He does not use CAD, CNC, or waterjets.

Every knife sold has been designed and manufactured in Sergey’s shop, from the heat treatment to assembly.

All his knives are built to last. His 100% warranty covers all manufacturer’s defects.

All Sergey Rogovets knives ship free domestically.